Mari-Tech 2018 Technical Conference and Marine Exhibition is an annual event of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE), a not for profit entity, established to promote and advance the science and practice of marine engineering in Canada. Over the past few years, Mari-Tech has generated a great deal of interest and excitement: it’s an event that brings together marine professionals for development and interaction.

Unfortunately, it has caught the attention of various entities looking to intercept the goodwill of this event and the CIMarE, to enrich themselves – scammers.

All catering, logistics, accommodation services are vetted by the Mari-Tech 2018 organizing committee, and it’s facilitator, Podium Conference Services, to be efficient, relevant and to your benefit; with the overarching goal of making Mari-Tech the best place for marine professionals to learn and engage in Canada.

Please, beware any unsolicited “services” that are offered to you or your organization in the name of Mari-Tech – such as accommodation booking, logistics support, etc.

This website is the official voice of Mari-Tech 2018, and we strive to provide all details for your participation here, clearly and transparently. If at any time you have questions, or need clarification, do contact us at “ concierge @ mt18 .ca “, and we will make your Mari-Tech experience scam free and as fulfilling as possible.